zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Nice to eat - Power breakfast Coconut-Basil smoothie from Delicious

We have a green smoothie almost every morning and every now and then there's a lack of inspiration and we tend to choose the easy combination of spinach, banana, and another fruit. Even though we have lots of greens in the fridge and I know, there are tons of recipes to find online, we even have a recipe book for shakes & smoothies....!

Since variety is key ;-) we have great alternatives - an oatmeal or yoghurt breakfast, or an egg/avocado breakfast. Yum!

I found this green smoothie in Delicious, the Powerfood edition. The combination of coconut milk and basil is really nice, we both liked it a lot. And even better it is so easy to make:

Coconut-Basil smoothie (4 serves):
1 (fairtrade) banana
1 (fairtrade) mango
200 ml fresh orange juice
1 can of coconut milk
handful of basil leaves

You can freeze the banana and mango for an hour in advance, it says in the recipe. We didn't do that, but the frozen fruit must give an extra nice kick to it!


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