zaterdag 26 december 2015

Blanket no.1

Just in time for Christmas I finished this blanket. The last 2 months of this year were pretty hectic at work as well as at home, so It took me a while to get started with this one. And it really had to be done on time because it was a gift! 

But when I got to knitting there was no stopping me! Because as always knitting gets me sitting down...and just knit! Then what happens is: I organize my thoughts and my home (okay I got sloppy and it was a total mess...), I already love all my boys to death but then even MORE, and finally watch the last season of Homeland with my hubs! 

Blanket no.2 is on the needles, I think I will enjoy this zen moment a little longer.. 

Best wishes for the new year!

zondag 1 november 2015

Winter Blogger

Since my last blogpost was in March (read: beginning of spring), I had blogging inspiration today for the first time in a long time...(read: winter is coming). I'm convinced I must be a winter blogger. 

Instead of hyberating during the winter, it looks that I am waking up! It's true, I got my knitting needles out, knitting a triangle shawl for a friend. And on top of it all, thanks to my true Suusig-ambassador Viv, I was asked to knit a blanket! A knitting assignment how wonderful is that?

One way or another this time of year has got me dreaming of a Suusig Shop, or Studio Suusig, I like the sound of it. Knitting and painting are two of my favorites. Or Suusig Label, I can think of more catchy names ;-))
We recently got a fireplace so I think I'll spend some time there this fall. Knitting and daydreaming, who knows.

Enjoy your week!

maandag 9 maart 2015

Breakfast Cake

This is a recipe I made before but then I put the batter in a muffin tray. So instead of muffins a cake this time!

Recipe: Mix together 2 bananas and 1 egg. Add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and baking soda. Mix through the mixture - with a spoon - 1,5 cup of oatmeal and a handful of blueberries. The oven on 200 degrees C, for 20 minutes


vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Painting Feathers

Sharing my feather project which I finished last night in painting class! It's a 80 x 100 cm canvas, and I used acrylic paint. 

#happy #acrylicpaint #painting #feathers

zondag 1 maart 2015

Messy & Purple

It may look a little messy & purple to you, but this bowl of oats tastes like a sunny Sunday morning! 

The ingredients:
3 Spoons of oatmeal 
A Cup of milk
1 Teaspoon of grated coconut 
1 Banana cut in small pieces 
Handful of blueberries 
Drop of honey 

If you like your oatmeal cold, mix all ingredients, except for the berries, and leave it for a while so the oats will soften. 

If you like it to be warm, prepare the oatmeal and milk in a pan or microwave, then add the other ingredients, except for the berries, put them in when it is ready to eat. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

vrijdag 12 december 2014


It's the season to be jolly lalalalalala! It has been quiet on Suusig blog the last couple of months, but today I was in the mood for a XMas DIY and why not post it? ;-)

- Canvas 60 x 80 cm
- Wallpaint
- Silver paint
- Wooden stars

Now I used wallpaint of Le Noir Blanc, Newport Green. They have little tester tins, in different colors and I like the 'chalk' texture of it. But you can also use regular acrylic paint and use the color you like.

  1. You paint the canvas and let it dry
  2. Make dots with the silver paint with two different size brushes
  3. Drop the wooden stars on the wet paint and they will stick
That's it!

Merry Christmas!

vrijdag 26 september 2014


Triangle Scarf
Finally I did it, I finished a triangle scarf! It has been on my wishlist for a long time and I started with one, but didn't finish it... So this time I decided to start and no stopping until it's finished ;-)) This one is for my mother.

Blanket or scarf?
This green blanket was a birthday gift for my dear friend Miss R! The next day she told me her colleagues complimented her on her scarf! What scarf I asked, and she sent me a picture of her wearing a green scarf!

Looking good Miss R!

zondag 17 augustus 2014

DIY nr. 7 - Jeans Pillow

A little inspiration coming your way ;-)

This jeans pillow is an easy DIY! I had a pile of old jeans left after cleaning up closets and being Suusig, I always think if there's something I can do with it! So here's a quick DIY without an actual pattern:

  • Pillow (I used a headpillow 60 c 70 cm)
  • Cut of the legs of the pants
  • Cut the legs open at the inner side of the leg
  • Leave an edge of 2 cm around the pillow
  • Sew 3 sides of the fabric together
  • Sew the 4th side halfway
  • Iron the pillow and the seams, than turn it right side out
  • Put the pillow inside the cover
  • Glue the last part together with textile glue (a better way is handstiching it together, but as I am still learning...)
Have fun!