zondag 17 augustus 2014

DIY nr. 7 - Jeans Pillow

A little inspiration coming your way ;-)

This jeans pillow is an easy DIY! I had a pile of old jeans left after cleaning up closets and being Suusig, I always think if there's something I can do with it! So here's a quick DIY without an actual pattern:

  • Pillow (I used a headpillow 60 c 70 cm)
  • Cut of the legs of the pants
  • Cut the legs open at the inner side of the leg
  • Leave an edge of 2 cm around the pillow
  • Sew 3 sides of the fabric together
  • Sew the 4th side halfway
  • Iron the pillow and the seams, than turn it right side out
  • Put the pillow inside the cover
  • Glue the last part together with textile glue (a better way is handstiching it together, but as I am still learning...)
Have fun!

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