vrijdag 12 december 2014


It's the season to be jolly lalalalalala! It has been quiet on Suusig blog the last couple of months, but today I was in the mood for a XMas DIY and why not post it? ;-)

- Canvas 60 x 80 cm
- Wallpaint
- Silver paint
- Wooden stars

Now I used wallpaint of Le Noir Blanc, Newport Green. They have little tester tins, in different colors and I like the 'chalk' texture of it. But you can also use regular acrylic paint and use the color you like.

  1. You paint the canvas and let it dry
  2. Make dots with the silver paint with two different size brushes
  3. Drop the wooden stars on the wet paint and they will stick
That's it!

Merry Christmas!

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