zondag 1 november 2015

Winter Blogger

Since my last blogpost was in March (read: beginning of spring), I had blogging inspiration today for the first time in a long time...(read: winter is coming). I'm convinced I must be a winter blogger. 

Instead of hyberating during the winter, it looks that I am waking up! It's true, I got my knitting needles out, knitting a triangle shawl for a friend. And on top of it all, thanks to my true Suusig-ambassador Viv, I was asked to knit a blanket! A knitting assignment how wonderful is that?

One way or another this time of year has got me dreaming of a Suusig Shop, or Studio Suusig, I like the sound of it. Knitting and painting are two of my favorites. Or Suusig Label, I can think of more catchy names ;-))
We recently got a fireplace so I think I'll spend some time there this fall. Knitting and daydreaming, who knows.

Enjoy your week!

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